Technical Studies


Performance Evaluation and Effect Evaluation for the Restoration Project of the Shihmen Reservoir and its Catchments

Shihmen Reservoir is the main water source in Taoyuan area. In last decade, the typhoons raided on Taiwan had caused serious damage to the Shihmen Reservoir and its catchments area. Lots of silt transported into the reservoir, increased the turbidity pf reservoir water. Then, the shutdown of the waterworks and the shortage of the water supply in Taoyuan County occurred. Io expedite the dredging speed of Shihmen Reservoir and minimize the water shortage risks in Taoyuan area, the Legislative Yuan passed the “Shihmen Reservoir and its Catchments Special Code” in 2006. Based on the code, the “Shihmen Reservoir and its Catchments Management Project” is scheduled to implement in two phases over 6 years period. After two times of adjustment in the second phase of the project, the Shihmen Reservoir and its Catchments Management Project is scheduled to complete in 2016. To measure and present the performance of the restoration projects, the Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs has launched this “Performance Evaluation for Restoration Projects at the Shihmen Reservoir and its Catchments ( 2006 ~ 2008 )” project. The aims of this evaluation project are to evaluate the quality of constructions in each year and the performance effects as whole. In the executing periods of the project, several project reports, including the initial report, the first to the fifth midterm reports, and the final report have been completed. Also, the adjusting reports of “Shihmen Reservoir and its Catchments Management Project”, the annual executing reports and the annual performance effects evaluating reports for each year are all completed as scheduled. About administration assistance, Five related conferences were held and secretary affairs were performed for each working group meeting. The report of “Performance Effect of Shihmen Reservoir and its Catchment Restoration Plan (2006 ~ 2011)”has also been completed. It summarized the effect of the restoration plan based on the related research results and monitoring data. In this final report, we compiled the reports mentioned above, which are the results executed between August 2009 and June 2012.