Technical Studies


The Establishment of Up-to-date Operation Control in the Plant and Knowledge Based Technology for Information Management Systems for Public Water Supply(2/3)

Enhancement of water supply is well related with the performance of water treatment plant (WTP). This project is going to be carried out to develop an automatic operation as well as a supervisory control system to enhance knowledge based technology for operational information management via the establishment of omnibearing information management systems, and to facilitate the development of public water utilities and their international competitiveness.

This project will be conducted totally for three years, and several assignments will be executed in the second year. First, technique standards as well as relevant criteria for operational as well as supervisory control technologies for various WTP will be established. Meanwhile, the operational information system for modern WTP will be developed to establish a model of role-based information portal for managers of WTP, and the frame of developing the knowledge network of industries in public water supply will be plotted. On the other hand, the intelligent system for rapid analysis of relationships between the optimum coagulant dosing and raw water qualities will be developed, followed by lab-scaled experiments on the determination of the optimum coagulant dosage using the developed automatic supervisory control system. In addition, the assembling of a pilot plant with an effective control system for chemical dosing and backwashing will be completed. After that, the supervisory control system for the operation of rapid filtration will be developed, and the examination on system optimization will be implemented. Basis on the outcome of second-year work, the verification of system performance as well as the establishment of relevant criteria will be accomplished in the last year.