Technical Studies


The Establishment of Up-to-date Operation Control in the Plant and Knowledge Based Technology for Information Management Systems for Public Water Supply(1/3)

The performance of water treatment plant (WTP) is a crucial parameter for the enhancement of public water supply. The aim of this project is to develop an automatic operational system as well as a supervisory control system, especially in coagulation dosing control and backwashing operation control. Other approaches are to enhance knowledge based technology for operational information management via establishment of an omnibearing information management system, and to facilitate the development of public water utilities and their international competitiveness. This project will be conducted for three phases (almost three years) in total. In the first phase, operational as well as supervisory control technologies and corresponding standard operation procedure (SOP) for WTP in Taiwan, American and Australia has been reviewed and then categorized. In addition, the revision principle and procedure of the standards for water supply engineering facilities have been established. The basic background data of operational as well as supervisory control technology for WTP have been established. Meanwhile, the relevant regulations as well as technical manuals for operation have been surveyed. In the laboratory test, the monitoring set-up for coagulation has been developed, and the 29 data of optimum dosing for coagulation and parameters of raw water has been established. The results have shown that the optimal coagulant dosage increases with the increase in the turbidity of raw water, and either output of PDA or FICA system can be regarded as a decisive parameter for on-line monitoring the performance of coagulation for various turbidity water samples (10~1,000 NTU). In the design of pilot-plant, the conventional processes equipped with a smart operational as well as supervisory control system for rapid mixing and rapid filtration units has been plotted and designed, including treatment process, P&I, elevation diagrams and space layout. As to operational information management system, the operational data of 377 WTPs in Taiwan has been questionaire surveyed, and the framework of operational information system for modern WTP has been plotted preliminarily.

98I018(2009/7/12 - 2009/12/15)