Technical Studies


The river warning level and the regional drainage alert rainfall Review

In Taiwan, due to the hydrology property has obvious change and influence in past decade. For example, a region is rainfall concentration. The rainfall value of a river and drainage system basins were sometimes occurred over the capacity of design rainfall condition. The drainage system area was not timely emission surplus rainfall then cause to the low-lying region inundation disaster. Especially, after the Morakot typhoon in 2009, the application of the establishment of the warning stages and the warning rainfalls will have more expectation at the inundation area. This project results can supply the warning stage and warning rainfall referable values to use the flood-prevention of the river and inform inhabitant to leave or evacuate the inundation area. Therefore, they can add the rescued time before the inundation period, and that can be reduced the consumed of the related staffs and materials. The degree of difficulty of the relieved of the disaster at the inundation area will be reduced. There are some goals for this project to present.

1. <!--[endif]-->Review the existence warning stage of 83 stations of the central authority’s rivers.

2. <!--[endif]-->Add establishment warning stage of 73 stations with existence water stage of the central and country authority’s rivers.

3. <!--[endif]-->Add establishment warning stage of 48 stations with new install water stage of the central authority’s rivers and drainage systems.

4. <!--[endif]-->The Establishment of Warning Rainfall for Drainage System

5. <!--[endif]-->According to the establishment of the warning rainfalls values in the central authority’s drainage systems in the Fifth River management office of Water Resources Agency in 2009. In this year, they are necessary to test, execution and application in the easily inundation of the region during the typhoon or torrential rain period. After test finish, they will carry out the purpose of bulletin practice.

In order to the staffs understand the establishment of the warning stage method and review. In this project, we will hold over three education training statements to teach related staffs of the 10 River Management Offices of Water Resources Agency and county governments. To expect the staffs of each authority’s rivers and drainage systems can be reviewed and establishment of the warning stage.