Technical Studies


Study on Upstream and Downstream Bed Scour and Deposition due to Raise of Kao-ping Weir

In 2006, the report entitled “Shortage Analysis and Improvement Strategies of Kao-ping River Weir During High-Turbidity Period” executed by National Cheng Kung University and Southern Region Water Resources Office, analyzed the stable water supply countermeasures around Kao-ping Weir and simulated the morphodynamics of Kao-ping River. The report pointed out that due to the lack of inflow sediment grain size and bed-material grain size etc., the study aimed at short-term simulation and qualitative analysis instead of long-term stable analysis.

In this study, inflow sediment concentration, bed-material grain size and morphodynamics of Kao-ping River were surveyed and analyzed. These basic data could be adopted to validate and verify the depth-averaged mobile-bed numerical model. Meanwhile, we simulated different countermeasures around Kao-ping Weir to evaluate the effects and suggest other possible countermeasures.