Technical Studies


Field Verification of Geological Data for the Basins of Rivers Administered by Central Government Lanyang, Yanshui, Erren and Agongdian River

A geological Geographic Information System (GGIS) for the basins of rivers administered by the Water Resource Agency was established and periodically updated in the previous (2004-2011) projects. During 2004-2011, field verification was carried out in thirteen river basins (including the Touchien, Fongshan, Jhuoshuei, Dajia, Da-an, Houlong, Jhonggan, Wu, Bajhang, Zengwun, Gaoping, DanShui, and Huang River basins) to confirm and to establish the data sets of geo-hazard, geologic outcrop, aerial-photo interpretation, and geologic interpretation of these basins in the GGIS. The objectives of the 2012 project covered (1) the collection of new data, (2) the field verification of the Lanyang, Yanshui, Erren and Agongdian River basins, (3) the maintenance of GGIS and its user interfaces, and (4) training courses. Field verification and geologic interpretation were carried out for the Lanyang, Yanshui, Erren and Agongdian river Basin. After field verification, the confirmed data and photographs at 35 sites of rock outcrop and geologic structures, 104 sites of riverbed situations, and 15 sites of geo-hazards were compiled and built into the GGIS system.