Technical Studies


Long-Term measurement of sediment transport and density current simulation in Shihman Reservoir (1/2)

The project maintenance the exist monitoring equipments from the previous relate project "The observation and measurement of sediment transport and the studies of application and development of density current simulation model in Shihman Reservoir". Add four monitoring stations at section 12 and section 20. Sediment data were further used as input data and calibration data for 2D and 3D numerical models of sediment transportation.

The 2D mobile-bed model was developed mainly to simulate the spatial distribution and long term variation of sedimentation and erosion at Shihmen Reservoir. In addition, the effect of back water at different reservoir water level, driving point of density current, and deposition and transportation characteristics of non-uniform sediments, and Desiltation Strategy at reservoir upstream were analyzed. In this project, the quasi-three-dimensional hydraulic model of Lin and Huang (2008) would be used in the reservoir computation bsae on result of simulation, datas of physical model experiment, and actual survey data. Also, model revising the bottom boundary condition, adding fall velocity effect, and solving elevation problem by using image method for increasing completely and correctly of simulation.