Technical Studies


Preliminary planning of the Gong-Liao artificial lake – topographic survey and geological investigation

The objective of this project is to understand the site conditions (including the ground water table, the rock stratum depth, and the alluvium thickness, etc.) of the preliminarily planed Gong-Liao artificial lake.The investigated site locates in the floodplain/terrace along the right bank of the Shuang River between the Gong-Liao Bridge and the Gong-Liao Weir, covering an area approximately 50 hectares.According to the results of subsurface exploration, the brief underground conditions within this site are as follow:1) The thickness of the alluvial deposits varies within 12 and 35 meters.The alluvium tends to be thicker in the downstream and in the hillside areas. 2) The elevation of the rock stratum varies within El. 2.3 and -20 meters.The rock stratum tends to be higher in hillside and getting lower toward the channel side. 3) The elevation of the ground water table varies within El. 14.7 and 3.7 meters.The ground water table tends to be higher in the hillside and getting lower toward the channel side.