Technical Studies


Flood safety plan review and planning based on siltation of Masu River and Yuantan River Estuary in Wanli District, New Taipei City

Topography of river estuaries are vulnerable to coastal wave, longshore currents and other environmental changes. Sand drifting phenomenon particularly leads to erosion or siltation of the coastal region, which easily causes siltation to occur at river estuaries. Considering the condition of wave actions near Masu River and Yuantan River estuary, this increased the difficulty of creating sand source barrier by engineering measures. Even though after the aforementioned implementation, blockage would be formed due to long term (time factor) coastal terrain deformation, river flow, wave action or other current effect, which eventually failed to prevent stagnation of sand at the river estuary. Hence, the estuary improvement cannot fully rely on engineering structures as protection, and routine maintenance of waterway section should be carried out by performing regular dredging action and maintenance, which can be conducted by relevant authorities or appointed private companies.