Technical Studies


The Establishment of Up-to-date Operation Control in the Plant and Knowledge Based Technology for Information Management Systems for Public Water

nhancement of public water quality is well related to the operation performance of water treatment plant (WTP). This project is to: 1) develop an automatic operation and monitoring control system, and 2) to strengthen the knowledge-based information management via the establishment of a comprehensive information management system for water treatment. This is the third year of the three-year project awarded by the WRA. This year, we will emphasize on the testing, modification, verification and demonstration of the pilot to find the optimal monitoring mode and to make recommendation for advancing operation performance of WTPs. The monitoring approaches include a forward control by artificial neural network (ANN) system and a backward control by PDA or FICA system. Simultaneously, the basic information from previous studies will be analyzed and compiled to construct a data base of operation-related working documents for major treatment units, which will serve as a reference for establishing the standard operation procedure (SOP) for WTP operation. In the information management system of WTPs, a browsing system for water treatment related documents and a platform for interaction with experts in the information management system will be installed. Moreover, a check system for reports submitted by water utilities will be proposed to materialize the function of the knowledge-based network of public water supply. The establishment of the submission and management system for water utility report can assist the administration authority understand the operation capability of the WTPs, which can further facilitate the effectiveness of public water supply in emergency response. It is anticipated that the result of this project will provide a model for operation monitoring and knowledge management in public water supply.