Technical Studies


Field Verification of Geological Data for the Basins of Rivers Administered by Central Government Wu River and Bajhang River

A geological Geographic Information System (GGIS) for the basins of rivers administered by central government was established focus on geological features in 2004-2008 projects. Field verification was also carried out in the Touchien, Fongshan, Jhuoshuei, Dajia, Da-an, Houlong and Jhonggan river basins to confirm and build the data sets of geo-hazard, geologic outcrop, aerial-photo interpretation, and geologic interpretation. This project continues the schemes of previous tasks; in addition to the maintenance of GGIS and its user interfaces, field verification of geology along the river channel of Wu and Bajhang river basins were carried out to confirm and build up the relevant data sets for these two river basins.