Technical Studies


Formosa Plastics Corporation Renwu plant pollution investigation and subsequent environmental pollution to improve the oversight plan

The soil and groundwater pollution in the FPC RenWu Plant was confirmed in 2009. Therefore, Kaohsiung City Government and EPA announced the FPC RenWu Plant as “Pollution Control Site” on February 25, 2010 and “Pollution Remediation Site” on April 28, 2010, respectively. The expert team conditionally approved “The Soil and Groundwater Remediation Plan for the FPC RenWu Plant” on April, 2011. After the public display and revisions , the remediation plan was approved on December 12, 2011.

MWH Taiwan Brunch conducted the project “Environmental Investigation and Pollution Remediation Supervision Plan for the FPC RenWu Plant” for Kaohsiung City Government during July 2011 to July 2012. The tasks of this project included data collection, RIP survey, MIP/CPT survey, as well as soil and groundwater investigation. The soil and groundwater pollution was confirmed in the Alkali Factory, Nan-Ya Plastic Factory, and Gearwheel Factory. The supervision and checking system was established in the beginning of remediation. The process of supervision and checking system included document review, site inspection, regular monitoring, and remediation assessment. The creek and effluent sampling was also implemented in this project. According to surface water data, groundwater flow direction, and hydrological model, it cannot exclude that VOC in the creek is related to the effluent from the FPC RenWu Factory.