Technical Studies


Initiation of Occupational Training Programs for Reservoir Management (1/2)

Reservoir management involves several different aspects of dam safety inspections, operation, and maintenance. The dam owner, operator, or others relative to the management of reservoir should recognize certain unsafe conditions that may be associated with their structures. The aim of the project is to systematically plan and initiate an occupational training program for staffs enrolled in reservoir management. In summary, the occupational training program divides into two phases. In phase one, the fundamental classes prepared to assist staffs in their endeavors to maintain and/or help maintain a safe and stable dam. Participation in classes and examination is necessary before been certified. Once staffs obtain the certification, a frequently advance classes would be required for the next phase. In phase two, at least attaining 24 hours training classes are requested to meet the requirement described in direction draft. The classes in phase two are organized with different aspects. Staffs could choose the proper classes to strengthen their professions. Based on the concept, a direction governing the occupational training program for staffs enrolled in reservoir management was drafting and the phase one fundamental classes were planned.