Technical Studies


Development of Air Content Distribution Investigation Technology in Aquitard

On site bioremediation is one the most popular technique applied in treatment of
groundwater contamination. Usually, aerobic and anaerobic condition would be created to
increase the efficiency of biological treatment. Assessment of the treatment directly from
monitoring the concentration of the sources of contamination is not efficiency and it probably
may slow down the process to adjust the design of the remediation. Comparing to this,
measuring the distribution of air in aquitard would be an alternative method to evaluate the
performance of the design. Dielectric constant measurement of the multiphase material has
high potential to measure the air concentration. Accordingly, the purpose of the project is to
develop an efficient air content distribution investigation technology in aquitard. A system
based on time domain reflectometry (TDR) technique would be developed to measure the air
content in the monitoring well and borehole ground penetrating radar system would be
applied to investigate the distribution of air content in 2D which is based the a time-lapes
model proposed by the project.