Technical Studies


Geophysical Regular Monitoring and Automatic Technique Development in Hushan Reservoir

In order to collect the safety condition inside dams, geophysical methods are highly desirable due to their non-destructive characteristics. As monitoring techniques, geophysical methods can detect the developing safety problems inside the dams in very early stage and to be an early warning system. In order to fully optimize their abilities and increase the efficiency of managing the reservoir, a well-established plan of geophysical monitoring in dam and the initial images in each monitoring sections as reference are important. This project was aimed to establish the geophysical monitoring data in Hushan dams, and four topics includes: (1) Literature review, (2) Geophysical regular monitoring in Hushan dams, (3) Geophysical automatic technique development, (4) Evaluate geophysical monitoring resolution in Hushan dams.

104I504 (104.2.3-104.12.15)