Technical Studies


(2012~2014) Technical Consultation on the Appraisal of Reservoirs Inspection and Safety Evaluation Reports (2/3)

The main objective of this project is to assist the Water Resources Agency (WRA), Ministry of Economic Affairs on the relevant tasks for the appraisal of reservoirs inspection and safety evaluation. This project aims to assure reservoirs’ safety in Taiwan, to enhance quality of reservoirs’ management, and to assure the quality of safety inspection/evaluation. The accomplishments of this project are summarized as follows.
1.Review of the typical dam safety issues and technical standard of reservoir safety evaluation.
2.Evaluation of annual reservoir inspection data.
3.Field reconnaissance of 6 selected reservoirs.
4.Assistance on the appraisal of 18 reservoir safety evaluation reports.
5.Training courses on the professional knowledge of reservoir inspection and safety evaluation(held on October 7th、8th and December 10th at National Chiao Tung University).
6.Technical consultation and emergent field reconnaissance of reservoirs.