Technical Studies


Long-Term Measurement of Sediment Transport and Density Current Simulation in Shihman Reservoir (2/2)

This project maintain the monitoring equipment established in a previous relate project "The observation and measurement of sediment transport and the studies of application and development of density current simulation model in Shihman Reservoir". Two monitoring stations at outlets were instrumeted with automatic SSC monitoring. Full run-off SSC data was collected during typhoon events. Sediment data were further used as input data and calibration data for 2D and 3D numerical models of sediment transportation.  The 2D model RESED2D well developed and verified in previous study continues to provide information on sedimentation and relevant data for 3D input. The 3D model was further developed to more reasonalbly deal with bed boundary condition. Physical model experiment and storm events including the one added this year were simulated to verify the development. The 3D model after some refinement will continue to serve as the major tool to investigate the model similariy for the results of physical model tests. Furthermore, reservoir operations over the years and associated influence factors were analyzed to provide operation principle and conditions considering desilting. The effects of different operations on flood control and desilting were analyze, leading to suggestion for future revision of reservoir operation guidelines.