Technical Studies


Review of Tan-Shui River’S Warning Stages for Taipei Flood Mitigation

The purpose of this project is to continue the previous results of the “Review of Tan-Shui River’s Warning Stages for Taipei Flood Mitigation” Project by reviewing the affairs associated with the proposed warning stages. The contents of the study include: 1. investigation and discussion of related affairs during flood emergency; 2. questionnaire investigations of warning stages and administration duties; 3. review and confirmation of the warning stages and the related processes.

Related affairs during flood emergency include: 1. collecting historical flood data and flood-protection works; 2. reviewing the proposed warning stages last year; 3. review of relative affairs associated with the governments; 4. review of the integration of flood-protection affairs among the public sectors. Questionnaire investigations on the meaning of warning stages and governmental related works include: 1. assuring the contents of the questionnaire; 2. investigating the public understanding regarding the warning stages, the acceptance of the pre-warning time, the opinions of warning stages classification, the co-operating intention of the public for the affairs during flood emergency, and the understanding of emergency evacuation plan; 3. offering discussion results to the residents live along the Tan-Shui River. Review and confirmation of the warning stages and the related affairs include: 1. revision of warning stages and pre-warning time if necessary; 2. coordinating flood-protection works of related agencies; 3. reinforcement of the public flood-protection education during the non-flooding season; 4. enhancement of the flood information announcement and action-taking for the residents during flood emergency time.