Technical Studies


Investigation and Application Of The Sediment Transport Model In Reservoir-For Shin-Men Reservoir

Due to uneven distribution of rainfall, Taiwan needs to build many reservoirs to store excessive water during wet seasons in order to supplement water deficit during dry seasons. However, according to 1994’data, the annual amount pf reservoir sedimentation in Taiwan is about 14,600,000m3 which is equal to the effective storage of Ming-Te Reservoir. Owing to unfavorable topographical condition and severity of soil erosion, suitable dame site is difficult to come by and concerns with environmental impact have made the construction of new reservoirs almost impossible. So, now the main work should focus to prevent the reservoir sedimentation to extend the reservoir life and to manage the water resource effectively.

The key of this project is to develop a numerical model to simulate the transport of sediment in the reservoir. The practical applicability of the model will be assessed by measured data of Shih-Men Reservoir. The other work of the present project is that: to assess the GSTARS3.0 model proposed by USBR, to edit the users manual of the NETSTRAS model in English form and to assist the proceeding of AIT-TECRO Water Resources Program Annual Review Meeting.