Technical Studies


A Feasibility Study on The Use of Shreded Tires as Backfill Material for Highway Embankments(II)

The materials used in the manufacturing of an automobile consist of a variety of petrochemical products and metals. The metal can be easily recovered and reused. The petrochemical products, especially the waist tires, are large in quantity and decompose slowly. Thus, it is difficult to recover and reuse waist tires. The waist tires are typically piled up until they reach a large volume, and then manage to bury them. The waist tires occupy large spaces and are prone to create fire. The construction of highway embankments often requires large volumes of backfill materials. If waist tires can be chopped into pieces and used as a backfill material for highway embankments, then they can be consumed effectively in large quantities. In the first stage of this research, a 110m long and 6m high test embankment was built through collaboration between National Chiao Tung University and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. In this stage of research, emphasis will be placed in the characterization of the tire chip/soil mixtures, long term behavior of the test embankment and issues related to the environmental impact.