Technical Studies


Slope Stability of the Bao-Shan 2nd Reservoir after Its Fill-up

The geology in the area of the Bao-Shan 2nd reservoir is composed of very weak soft rocks. The strength of this type of rock tends to degrade easily after submerged to water. As a result, some slopes along the reservoir bank may lose their stability after the reservoir’s fill-up. This project aims to study the effect of reservoir’s fill-up on the stability of reservoir bank and the possible countermeasure. The project consists of various types of laboratory and in-situ tests, including triaxial tests and direct shear tests with various specimen sizes, P-S logging tests, and pressuremeter tests. Besides, a full-scale test will be carried out in order to simulate the slope failure of a natural slope subjected to the fill-up of the reservoir and to study the failure mechanism of slopes in soft rock.