Technical Studies


Administration Education Program for the Staffs of Irrigation Associations and the International cooperation project (Ⅰ)

In the past, the sole responsibility of the irrigation associations was to manage agricultural water supply. However, they have been moving in the direction to become multi-business organizations. The irrigation associations will not only maintain their role as the distributor of agricultural water supply, but will also engage in businesses such as development of new water distribution systems, distribution and charging for the water allocated for industrial use, collecting fees from users of the water distribution systems, land and real estate development, building and operation of individual hydraulic power plant, and monetary investment, etc. As a result, the irrigation associations need to adjust their management system. In particular, most of the current employees of the irrigation associations need to acquire new skills in order to keep up with the changing characteristics of their organization. The purpose of this project is to investigate and assess the content and effectiveness the training programs for irrigation personnel in foreign countries and then help the irrigation associations establish their on-the-job training programs.