Technical Studies


Feasibility Study on Da-Chia River Weir Report of Fault Mapping and Seismic Hazard Analysis

The water conservancy Agency, Taiwan plans to build a new dam to replace the Shi-Kuang Dam damaged by the Chi-Chi Earthquake. The new dam locates at the town of Ba-Bao. For safety of the proposed dam, this project aims to study the possibility of the occurrence of surface rupture on the dam site in future earthquake events and conduct seismic hazard analysis for the design of the dam. The proposed works include geological mapping, air photo interpretation, seismic refraction/reflection explorations, geologic drilling, p-s logging tests, pressuremeter tests, laboratory rock tests, and fault trenching. The exploration and testing results will be adopted for the study of the fault mechanism and the influence of the seismic hazard on the dam site. Also, the active faults, Chelungpu and Tamaupu-sondong, will be investigated in detail.