Technical Studies


Analysis of Evolution and Planning of Explanatory Data on Geomorphology and Geology for the Yushan Main Peak to Patungkuan-Dong Pu Trail area in Yu-Shan National Park.

1. Motivation

The purpose of this project is a complementary investigation for the main geological structures existing in the Yushan Park. Their origins and geomorphologic evolutions are the base for planning of explanatory data. Besides enjoying the scenery, those data are expected to help visitors have rough knowledge on rocks, geological structures and characteristics on geomorphology. Also it upgrades the touring quality of the park and helps to achieve the goal for environmental education.

2. Methodology

The investigation was preceded along the trail from Tataka entrance to the Main Peak, Batongguan and Dongpu. The main tasks includes (1) ingoing investigation and discussion on major geological and geomorphologic phenomena; (2) developments of the 3-D explanatory film and materials on geology associate with the developed orthophotos and fly-through films; (3) plans for the field explanatory materials and station along the trail. Before field investigation, the literature should be collected, which includes geological and geomorphologic maps, aerial photos, literature about geological hazards of the desired zone.

3. Results

There are ten field geological explanatory stations planned along the trail. The contents of explanatory data relate not only to describing rock category and geological structures but also depicting possible evolutional process of geomorphology. There are two planned routes for 3-D fly-through films. The first one is from Tataka entrance to the Main Peak. The second one is from Dongpu to Batongguan and the Main Peak. Combining the field station and 3-D film, the visitors are able to obtain the integral guiding information, especially in the geological aspect.

4. Suggestion

This project also investigated the collapses and potential landslide zones along the Jade Mountain Peaks hiking trail and the Batongguan-Dongpu trail. The failure mechanisms are discussed, also possible solutions are purposed as references for the remedy actions from the authority. For the Jade Mountain Peaks hiking trail, only during the first 500 meters, there is a growing serious collapse due to the fault that might affect the trail’s function. For the Batongguan-Dongpu trail, there are three major collapse zones.