Technical Studies


Technical Consultation on the Appraisal of Reservoirs Inspection and Safety Evaluation Reports (1/3)

The objective of this project is to assist the Water Resources Agency (WRA), Ministry of Economic Affairs in reviewing the dam safety assessment reports, site surveying for the emergency events, technical consultation and replying to the public sentiments. Moreover, the minutes of each meeting for dam safety reports are prepared and summarized by National Hazard Mitigation Research Center (NHMRC), NCTU, to help WRA to know the safety conditions of each dam and to make strategic decisions. The summarized minutes are also sent to the Reservoir Safety Assessment Council for the committee discussion. Furthermore, NHMRC conducts the technical course training to enhance the operational ability of the staffs working at the reservoir management divisions. This project plans to hold a joint Taiwan-China workshop on the reservoir sedimentation prevention to discuss the reservoir aging and sedimentation problems and to hope to propose some useful strategies. This project completes the site survey of 2006 first and second dam safety survey program-15 dams (Tables C.1 and C.2), review of dam safety assessment report-8 reports (Chapter 3), the joint Taiwan-China workshop on the reservoir sedimentation prevention and the 2006technical course training of dam inspection and safety evaluation (Chapter 4), site survey of emergency event-5 events (Chapter 5) and the case studies of reservoir upgrade and improvement for Shihmen and Agoden reservoirs (Chapter 6). This report illustrates the achievement of all the professional works.