Technical Studies


Study on Estuarine Morphological Change at Confluence of Touchien and Fengshan Rivers(1/2)

The numerical simulations of the offshore region, the estuary and the channels in Touchien and Fengshan Rivers were made. Finite Element Tide and Surge Model were used to simulate the influence of offshore tide, wind, wave on the storm at the estuary. In addition to simulate the erosion and deposit in the upstream regions of these two rivers, the Explicit Finite Analytic Method was also used to provide information on the flow and sediment condition for the CCHE2D-Coast model to simulate the morphological changes at the estuary. The CCHE2D-Coast method was also used to dynamically simulate the estuarine morphological change of four cases, namely the Mindulle, Haitang, Talim typhoons and a 100-year flood under the present condition and different proposed plans. The fourth proposal was found to be better than others in the simulating result. In the second year of the plan, case one to four would be used in the study of the long-term morphological change at the estuary of Fengshan River, in order to settle on a better proposal.