Technical Studies


Integration and Application of the Rainfall-Runoff Model and Climate-Forecast System

This project adopted FEWS_TAIWAN operation system developed by Water Resources Agency (WRA) and Delft Hydraulic Company. It integrates the rainfall-runoff model and climate forecast system developed by Center Water Bureau (CWB). The working scope of this project completed is listed as follows,

1. Integration of hydrologic and water resources databases.

2. Calibration and verification of Hydrologic Model.

3. Integration and simulation of Climate Forecast System and Hydrologic Model.

4. Demonstration in the forecasting procedures.

5. Maintenance and upgrade of FEWS_TAIWAN system.

6. Technical transfer and training for learning and utilizing the above-mentioned model and system.

The proposed FEWS_TAIWAN system can link databases associated with different types and sources. Moreover, it is able to adjust the content of forecast operation system according to the request of the river management offices. To test the proposed FEWS_TAIWAN system, this project selected two watersheds, Kaoping and Zhongwen River, applied in the forecast of runoff through the FEWS_TAIWAN system. According to the results, the FEWS_TAIWAN system has the ability of providing the high-performance and reliable real-time hydro-information.