Technical Studies


Planning of the Taichung Artificial Lake - Investigation and Assessment of Engineering Geology, Material, and Environment

The Water Resource Planning Institute, Water Resources Agency, MOEA carried out a research on the preliminary planning of Taichun artificial lakes in 2005 for studying the alternative water resource in Taichung area. These planned artificial lakes lie in the middlestream to downstream of Da-Chia River. The preliminary study supported that the planned artificial lakes may increase the efficiency of water supply from Da-Chia River and recommended further studies on engineering geology, materials, and environmental conditions. Six zones of artificial lakes, namely A, B, C, D, E, and F are divided according to the existing transportation structures and branch-streams within the project region.

The scopes of this project cover (i) the ground water condition and interaction mechanism, (ii) engineering material, and (iii) environmental status, in the project region. The project aims to provide basic information for engineering design and assessment in the future.