Technical Studies


The Feasibility Study of Gaotai Reservoir (1) – Preliminary Desilting Tunnel and Watershed Study

The Shihmen reservoir serves as the main water supply for Taoyuan and Shihmen area. The heavy rainfall in the Typhoon Aere resulted in severe landslides in Shihmen reservoir watershed and significant riverbank erosions along the Dahan River. As a result, as high as 28 millions m3 of sedimentation occurred in the Shihmen reservoir, and seriously hindered the normal operations (including flood control and water supply) of the reservoir. The Gaotai reservoir, located in the upstream of the Shihmen reservoir, has been considered as a potential plan for future water resource development. The main objectives of this project include a preliminary study on the desilting plan of the Gaotai reservoir to reduce the sedimentation problem of the Shihmen reservoir and a preliminary investigation of the reservoir basin to provide the relevant information for reservoir watershed management planning