Technical Studies


Schematic Plan for the Utilization of the Water Resources of Tanshui Drainage–Report on Geological Survey for Water–Conduit Lines and Potential Damsites and Weirsites.

To ensure a stable supply of water resources under the influence of special climatic conditions in northern Taiwan consisting of droughts and downpours, Water Resources Planning Institute, Water Resources Agency, MOEA. has been planning to install contingency plans to cater for the probable distribution of water resources in the Tanshui drainage area.

This report investigates the geologic and engineering problems pertaining to the water conduit-lines of the Tanshui River Drainage, and potential sites for constructing dams. Detailed discussions on the suitability of potential dam sites and water-conduit lines will be used as references for the allocation of water resources and water-conduit lines of the Tanshui River System.