Technical Studies


Technical Consultation and Training on the Appraisal of Reservoir Safety Assessment Reports(3/3)

Taiwan has numerous reservoirs. Every five years, a Dam Safety Assessment Report is required for each. To ensure the thoroughness and accuracy of the reports, the Water Resources Agency Ministry (W.R.A.M.) sponsors a consultation of each preliminary Safety Assessment Report, which is completed by the National Hazard Mitigation Research Center (N.H.M.R.C.). The N.H.M.R.C. holds a technical convention and the results of each consultation are sent to the Reservoir Safety Assessment Council of the Water Resources Agency.

The inspection of Dam Safety depends on extensive professional knowledge. Accordingly, the N.H.M.R.C. has compiled teaching materials for Dam Safety Assessment. These materials are used to conduct technical training and consultations with the inspectors and conservatorsof Reservoir Safety.

The working items are as follows.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1. <!--[endif]-->Assist W.R.A.M. to finish the 2005 technical consultations on Dam Safety Assessment Reports, including “The Third Safety Assessment of the Zeng-Wen Reservoir”, “The Safety Assessment of the Shui-Li Dam”, “The Third Safety Assessment of the Zhi-Tan Dam”, “The Third Safety Assessment of the Ching-Tan Weir”, ”The First Safety Assessment of the Shuang-Xi Dam”, “The Safety review of A-Gong-Dian Reservoir’s renewing projects before to store water”, “The Safety Assessment of the Ma-An Dam” , and “The Third Safety Assessment of the Ming-De Reservoir”.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2. <!--[endif]-->Compile the teaching materials for Dam Safety Assessment, including Laws and Regulations, Technology and Management.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->3. <!--[endif]-->Conduct 24 times of dam safety reconnaissance and test emergency procedures.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->4. <!--[endif]-->Perform the 2005 technical training workshop on September 21 to 23 at N.C.T.U. The workshop includes a field trip to Shi-Men Reservoir. A total number of 72 participators attended the workshop.

5.Recommend the future work for Dam Safety Assessment to W.R.A.M