Technical Studies


Integration and Field Testing of an All Fiber Optic Slope Stability Monitoring System

For monitoring slopes that are potentially unstable or where sliding is progressing, the inclinometer casings are typically used. Open end piezometers are commonly used to monitor ground water levels. Readings from these instruments are mostly taken in the field manually. The procedure is time consuming and hazardous during the rainy season or when the slope is unstable. The potential danger may prevent the critical instrument readings be taken when they are needed the most. Many automated electronic devices have been developed recently. These devices are mostly expensive and subject to electromagnetic interferences, lightning and deterioration when deployed in the field. In comparison with electronic devices, the optic fiber sensors can easily transmit signals by tens of kilometers through light. Multiple sensors can be connected to a single optic fiber. A test site will be set up at the Five Turn Point of Highway 18 near Alishan. The fiber optic ground displacement and ground water monitoring sensors developed by the research team will be deployed at the test site. Coupled with field measurements, a ground water flow numerical model will be established for future studies.