Technical Studies


(2009~2011) Technical Consultation on the Appraisal of Reservoirs Inspections and Safety Evaluation Reports (3/3)

The main objective of this project is to assist the Water Resources Agency (WRA), Ministry of Economic Affairs on the relevant tasks for the appraisal of reservoirs inspection and safety evaluation. This project aims to assure reservoirs’ safety, to enhance managing quality of reservoirs, and to assure the quality of safety inspection/evaluation. The main tasks include the followings. 1. Evaluation of annual reservoir inspection data. 2. Assistant on site visits of selected reservoirs (6~8 sites). 3. Assistant on the appraisal of reservoir safety evaluation reports (9~11 reports). 4. Training courses on the professional knowledge of reservoir inspection and safety evaluation (more than 16 hours). 5. Developing a detailed operational procedure of the management-quality inspection system for reservoirs, and applying the proposed system to two reservoirs. 6. Technical consultation and field reconnaissance for emergent events.