Technical Studies


Comprehensive Analysis of Sediment Yield Estimation and Treatment in The Shihmen Reservoir Watershed

Shimen Reservoir Baling sand dam design capacity of 10,470,000 cubic meters, since its inception 1977, the effective block to sand the upstream landslide, has improved the life of the Shimen Reservoir. The use of the dam more than 30 years, and heavy rain brought by Typhoon Wipha damage to, the Water Resources Agency now plans include "damage to the disposal program Baling dam", "Baling dam, downstream structures safety inspection program." , "to enhance the dredging capabilities," "upstream sedimentation reduction to enhance water and soil conservation", "strengthen the use of reservoir water discharge silt" and the case plan, and in Baling sand dam dam damage after its glory, Yixing dam of dam safety evaluation also measured changes in the river and seabed for measuring the quality of work, the above belong to different units in the implementation plan, it is necessary to set up a project plan integrates the work and provide professional advice, to reinforce the case of a single project or plan can not fully take into account the gaps.