Technical Studies


Performance Evaluation for Restoration Projects at Shihmen Reservoir and its Watershed

The Legislative Yuan passed the “Shihmen Reservoir and its watershed Special Code” in 2006 in order to expedite the dredging speed of Shihmen Reservoir and minimize the water shortage risks in Taoyuan area. Based on this code, the Shihmen Reservoir and Catchment restoration Plan is scheduled to implement in two phases over 6 years period. The purpose of this performance assessment project is to establish the appropriate performance indicator and analytical structure for the relevant sub-projects of the Restoration Plan, and measure their contributions to the overall objectives of the Code, so as to control the quality and the progress of the respective construction. In the meantime, it will also be used to analyze the performance of the annual plans for 2007 and 2008 in order to help develop the sub-projects in Phase II and achieve the final goal of the Special Code.