Technical Studies


Updating and Promotion of a Database System On Water Supply and Demand (2)

In order to increase the work of water resources planning and management for water resources agency efficiently, this project tries to integrate the two existing system (one is the system of database and models for water resources management, the other is a database system on water supply and demand). The principles of integration are convenient, available and appropriate to user.

In light of above reason, a new system consists of four subsystems. They are (1) Project management and knowledge reuse based system: We wish to conserve the results, numerical models, and knowledge of past projects and provide for future related projects. Hence, we can accumulate the results and knowledge for further analysis according to this subsystem. (2) Data base maintenance and inquiring system. (3) Decision support system: This subsystem provides the web surface water allocation model (SWAM) to calculate the water shortage in interested area, several forecasting formulations for future water demand estimation and the analysis of water deficit between water supply and water demand. (4) The subsystem for setting and limits of authority. Finally, the effectiveness of integrated system is verified by solving a water resources distribution problem of northern Taiwan surface water. On the other hand, the system can also assist the managers to evaluate and modify the development projects of water resources.