Technical Studies


Influence of Migration Behavior of Sand-bed Channel on Flood-control Structures (1/2)

The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of migration process of main channel in sand-bed river on flood-control structures, through the understanding on the behavior by means of characteristics analysis and field investigation. This study will be accomplished in two years. The outcome from the theoretical analysis and application is expected to provide the engineers as a guideline for their design and planning needs.

From analyses of river morphology of main channel in Toucian River, Jhuoshuei River, Gaoping River, and Beinan River, no common migration patterns can be summarized. To carry out the improvement planning, the reconnaissance, field data collection and numerical modeling are sufficiently required. However, for the literature review, it sounds that there is no suitable model being developed for the channel migration behavior. So , this study will develop a channel migration model with the capabilities of bed-evolution simulations and bank variation simulations to have sufficient response to the real phenomenon, in addition to the erosion mechanism. The bank sliding mechanism is also considered. For this year study, the two mechanism will be computed uncoupled but iteratively, and applied to Jhuoshuei River. The simulation results will be compared with the measured data from the field before and after one typhoon event.