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Congratulation ! The outstanding performance of the research team of our center led by professor Chih-Ping Lin was highly admired in collecting full run-off SSC data in Shihman Reservoir during Soulik Typhoon


We congratulate the research team led by professor
Chih-Ping Lin on receiving a thank you letter from the Water Resources Planning
Institute, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs The research
team prosecuted the commissioned professional project“ Long-Term
measurement of sediment transport and density current simulation in Shihman
Reservoir (2/2) ” to collect full run-off SSC data during Soulik Typhoon, and
offered real-time information to the Northern Region Water Resources Office to
draw a plan for taking proper measures. With the support of the team, the water
supply in Taipei was maintained stable in the process.


The followings are the outstanding research results of the team during Soulik Typhoon.

SSC accumulation and settlement during Soulik typhoon 

Full run-off SSC data during Soulik Typhoon