Yeou-Koung Tung Chair Professor
Research Interests
Hydrology; open-channel hydraulics; operations research; systems analysis; probabilistic and statistical analyses of water resources engineering problems; risk and reliability analysis; conjunctive use management; stochastic optimization of water quality, groundwater, and reservoir management; water resource project evaluation under uncertainty
Other Contact Information
Educational Background
B.S. Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan (Hydraulic Engineering) 1976
M.S. The University of Texas at Austin, Texas (Civil Engineering) 1978
Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin, Texas (Civil Engineering) 1980
Associate Dean, School of Engineering, HKUST 1/2001-12/2002
Acting Head, Department of Civil Engineering, HKUST 1/2002-10/2002
Visiting Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1/2000-6/2000
Professor, Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology. 9/1996-present
Professor of Statistics, University of Wyoming. 7/1992-8/1996
Statistical Hydrologist, Wyoming Water Research Center. 1/1985-8/1996
Visiting Research Associate Professor, National Chiao-Tung Univ., Taiwan. 1/1991-12/1991
Associate Professor of Statistics, University of Wyoming. 7/1987-6/1992
Assistant Professor of Statistics, University of Wyoming. 1/1985- 6/1987
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Nevada at Reno. 1/1981-12/1984
  • 期刊論文
    • 2018 Su, H. T., & Tung, Y. K. (2018). Effects of statistical sampling errors on flood‐damage‐reduction project evaluation. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 11, S1015-S1023.
    • 2018 Tung, Y. K. (2018). Risk-based analysis of a detention basin for urban runoff control. Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research, 6(3), 200-209.
  • 書籍
    • 2006 Tung, Y.K., Yen, B.C. and Melching, C.S.. Hydrosystems Engineering Reliability Assessments and Risk Analysis (ISBN: 0071451587, 9780071451581). McGraw-Hill Book Company. 2006.
    • 2005 Tung, Y.K. and Yen, B.C.. Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis (ISBN: 0071451595, 9780071451598). McGraw-Hill Book Company. 2005.
Technical Studies