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Jui-Ming Chang postdoctoral research fellow
Research Interests
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Educational Background
Ph.D, Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University
  • 學位論文
    • 2021 地動監測技術對於岩坡破壞案例與落石試驗之運用,國立臺灣大學地質科學系,博士論文
  • 期刊論文
    • 2024 Wang, P. L., Tu, T. H., Lin, L. H., Chou, H. L., Wang, Y. J., Chen, J. N., Wang, L.Y., Chang, J.M., et al. (2024). Microbial communities modulate chemical weathering and carbon dioxide cycling in an active orogen in Taiwan. Communications Earth & Environment, 5(1), 174.
    • 2023 Chang, J.M*., Chao, W.A., Kuo, Y.T., Yang, C.M., Chen, H., Wang, Y., Field experiments: How well can seismic monitoring assess rock mass falling? Engineering Geology, 107211.
  • 外文會議論文(海報發表)
    • 2024 Chang, J.M., Wu, I.F., Lin, L.H., Bufe, A., Wang, P.L., Hovius, N., Hsieh, T.C. (2024) Microbial Pyrite Oxidation and Chemical Weathering to a Typhoon Precipitation and Discharge Event in Taiwan, EGU24 (Highlight Poster).
    • 2023 Chang, J.M., Chao, W.A., Huang, W.K., Classification Seismic Spectrograms from Deep Neural Network: Application to Alarm System of Post-failure Landslides, EGU23.
  • 外文會議論文(口頭發表論文)
    • 2023 Lai, T.S, Chao, W.A., Yang, C.M., Wu, Y.M., Chang, J.M., Testing and Validation of Multiple Decision Trees Models for Rapid Coseismic Landslide Susceptibility Assessment, EGU23.
    • 2020 Locating the rock hazard and understanding its physical process using seismic signals, EGU 2020.
  • 中文會議論文(口頭發表論文)
    • 2023 Chang, J.M., Chao, W.A. (2023) Data Augmentation Skill for Deep Neural Network of Two-Station Spectrogram Model in Landslide Research, 地質年會。
    • 2023 Chang, J.M., Chao, W.A. (2023) Daman Post Failure Landslides: Real-time Warning System by Parameter-based Method and Deep Neural Network, 地質年會。
  • 其他
    • 2022 Turowski, J., Chen, W.S., Queißer, T., Chang, J.M., Chao, W.A., Ron, N., Dietze, M., Hovius, N., Chen, Y.G., & Chang, W.Y. Taiwan multi-parametric environmental seismic network. GFZ Data Services
    • 2021 Bufe, A., Hovius, N., Emberson, R., Rugenstein, J.K.C., Galy, A., Hassenruck-Gudipati, H.J., & Chang, J.M. Major element stream water chemistry, compiled 10Be erosion rates, and analyses of weathering across an erosion-rate gradient in in southern Taiwan. GFZ Data Services.
Technical Studies