Tung-Chou, Hsieh Assistant research fellow
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國立交通大學土木系 博士
  • 學位論文
    • 2020 應用圖形處理器平行計算技術求解淺水波方程式
  • 期刊論文
    • 2020 Hsieh, T. C., Ding, Y., Yeh, K. C., & Jhong, R. K. (2020). Investigation of Morphological Changes in the Tamsui River Estuary Using an Integrated Coastal and Estuarine Processes Model. Water, 12(4), 1084.
    • 2019 謝東洲, 蕭逸華, 陳麒文, 李欣輯, 趙益群, & 葉克家. (2019). 氣候變遷下淡水河主河道防洪及沖淤探討. 中國土木水利工程學刊, 31(4), 327-336.
  • 外文會議論文(海報發表)
    • 2019 Cheng-Ta Liu, Wei-An Chao, and Tung-Chou Hsieh (2019) “ Seismic constraint on bedload movement and water flow for the low-gradient-to-steep river channel” EGU 2019
    • 2019 Ren-Kai Jhong, Tung Chou Hsieh, Sheng-Hsueh Yang, Keh Chia Yeh (2019) “ Study on the river protection strategy of river with serious sediment deposition ” EGU 2019
  • 外文會議論文(口頭發表論文)
    • 2019 Tung-Chou Hsieh, Ren-Kai Jhong, Keh-Chia Yeh(2019) “ Modeling Morphological Changes due to Multiple Typhoons in the Danshui River Estuary” 2nd International Conference on Natural Hazards & Infrastructure .
    • 2015 Ding, Y., Hsieh, T.C.; and Yeh., K.C. (2015). “Modeling Morphological Changes Due to Multiple Typhoons in the Danshui River Estuary.” World Environmental and Water Resources Congress.
  • 中文會議論文(口頭發表論文)
    • 2019 Yu-Hsiung Hsu, Ying-Sung Hsu, Chang-Hung Hsieh, Tung-Chou Hsieh, and Chin-Yun Hsiao(2019) “ Impacts on the downstream river ecology and bed evolution by the flood discharge and sediment releasing of Shihmen Reservoir” 3rd International Workshop on Sediment Bypass Tunnels
    • 2017 楊昇學、謝東洲、簡昭群、馬家驎、蔡斐毓、葉克家(2017),『水理與輸砂模式差異對河川警戒水位上漲速率影響之研究』,第23屆水利工程研討會,台中。
  • 書籍
    • 2019 水規所-重要河川資源經理策略研究-以曾文溪為例(3/4)
    • 2018 水規所-重要河川資源經理策略研究-以曾文溪為例(2/4)
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